The Wedding Dress Under the Sea Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories

The Wedding Dress Under the Sea Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories for Kids, fairy tales story for kids, story for kids video

The Wedding Dress Under the Sea Story

The Wedding Dress Under the Sea Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories 2020

Bedtime Stories: Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Yerabon, there lived a knight named Monet. he was young, brave and very good-looking, but was never acknowledged by his evil greedy King, Claude. Monet had a horse named Godot. Godot was no ordinary horse. he was gifted with the power of wisdom. one afternoon, Monet and Godot were in the woods.

Monet: oh this weather is so beautiful and the Sun is so bright! what do you think, Godot?

Godot: it's beautiful, master!

Monet: let's go deeper into the forest. we can eat some berries there.

Godot galloped into the woods and Monet looked for berries. suddenly, Monet spotted a shining feather.

Monet: oh what a beautiful feather! it feels like I am holding fire and my hand isn't even burning!

Godot: that is the feather of the rarest Firebird! not everyone can get this.

Monet: oh really? I should take it to King Claude! he will finally appreciate and reward me with lots of gold!

Godot: Master, I know you want to win your King's appreciation. however, I would suggest you to not take this feather to him for it will bring nothing but trouble.

Monet: Godot! you think this beautiful feather would bring us trouble? I think it will bring us nothing but riches!

Godot: hmm... it depends on you. master, I think...

Monet: it's a great idea! let's go Godot!

Godot and Monet galloped back to the kingdom to show what they found. Monet presented the Firebird feather to the vicious King.

Monet: your majesty, I found this beautiful feather of the rare Firebird for you as it represents your prestige.

King: very will, Monet! this is indeed an act of bravery! but this is not the only thing that will prove it... ha ha ha... if you can bring me the feather, you can bring me the bird to! Heh heh heh... bring me the bird else I will throw you in the lion's den!

Monet was shocked by the king's demand. and it was impossible for him to bring the fierce and mighty bird. Monet walked out of the courtroom and wept.

Godot: What's Wrong master?

Monet: the king. the King asked me to get him the Firebird! how can I bring him that magnificent creature? I am going to be thrown in the lion's den!

Godot: don't worry master. I'll help you. ask your King to bring us a hundred bags of maize to be strewn over the large field of this village and he will get his bird.

Monet went to the king and demanded the same.

King: maize? all right then! the next day, king Claude sent his men to scatter the maize on the field.

Godot: now we must wait until the evening.

Godot and Monet waited patiently. suddenly, they spotted a shadow on the field. they looked up and saw the Magnificent Firebird, that came to eat the maize.

Monet: Wow... 

They stared in awe until Godot said.

Godot: bring the net!

Monet grabbed the net and trapped the Firebird in no time and took it to the king with pride.

Monet: here you go, the mighty Firebird that once belonged to the sky, now belongs to you!

King: how beautiful! you are very brave. but my test isn't over. if you could bring me the bird, you can bring me the princess Vasilisa who lives on the coast! get her to me, or else the lion's den is waiting for you!!!

The Wedding Dress Under the Sea Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories 2020

Monet was afraid this time...

Monet: I could trick a bird but it's impossible to trick a princess!

Monet spoke to Godot about it. Godot nodded and said.

Godot: this is no trouble! the trouble is yet to come. ask your King to get you the potion of dragon's breath a tent and roses. we can put the princess to sleep.

Monet demanded them. king Claude was puzzled but he provided Monet with all that he wanted. Monet and Godot went to the shores and they saw princess Vasilisa on a silver boat with golden oars singing a sweet melody.

Vasilisa: o behold the beautiful Sun, as it shines on me. Oh, behold the nature around as it blesses me!

Monet looked at the princess in awe for he had never seen anyone as beautiful as her.

Godot: quick, make a tent and sit the flowers!

Soon the princess came to the shores. by that time, Monet and Godot set up a tent and waited for her.

Monet: would you like some flowers, your highness? I have freshly picked them for you!

Vasilisa: oh, how wonderful. roses are my favorite!

Monet gave her the flowers and she smelled them. little did she know that the potion of the dragon's breath was sprinkled on the petals. as she smelt it, she felt dizzy...

Vasilisa: oh... I feel sleepy...

Monet held her as she fell unconscious. Godot and Monet galloped back to the kingdom with the princess. as they entered into the kingdom, king Claude was ecstatic.

King: somebody rings the wedding bells! my princess has arrived!

The Kingsmen rang the bells, which awoke Princess Vasilisa.

Vasilisa: oh... where am I?

King: you are here to the groom. he... he... he...

Vasilisa: groom?

King: yes, my dear princess, it is I who will be married to.

Vasilisa: what? I cannot get married!

King: why not?

Vasilisa: I can only get married in my wedding dress.

King: oh don't worry about that! I will bring you the best of royal tailors to stitch a beautiful dress for you!

Vasilisa: I am sorry Your Majest.y but my wedding dress is the finest dress and it can never be replaced. it is kept at the bottom of the sea under the largest rock! I will marry you only if you get it for me.

King: Monet! did you hear what she said?! bring me the dress at once and this time I will not fulfill any of your demands, get the dress or else I will throw you in the pit of Python's.

Monet was shocked and Godot had heard it all.

Godot: this is it. I know exactly what needs to be done. Godot gallops swiftly to the coast.

Monet: what are you doing?

Godot: wait and watch. whoo-ooh-ooh!

Monet: what are you doing?

Godot: Oh yooo-yooo!

Suddenly, the waves became stronger and a humongous lobster appeared.

Godot: Hello, Larry!

Larry: Godot my friend! how pleased I am to meet you after so long! tell me what help do you need....?

Godot: princess Vasilisa is getting married.

Larry: ah! you're here for the wedding dress!

Monet: absolutely!

Larry danced in the waters... and as he did, to large lobsters came to the surface of the sea.

Larry: now you have our help but only the bravest can reach it.

Monet: I will come along to bring the dress.

Larry nods and gives Monet a bottle of magic potion.

Larry: here you go this is called breathe underwater potion. swallow it and you can breathe underwater!

Monet's swallowed the magic potion and dove underwater. as they swam, Monet spotted the large rock. he lifted it with ease as the lobsters grabbed the dress. here I come, king Claude! Monet came out of the water and the lobsters followed him.

Godot: ah! finally the dress. we are almost at the end of all our troubles... almost?

Larry: why almost?

Godot: because we have one more trouble to get rid of.

Larry: all right then good luck with that! see you another time!

Godot: no! I need the favor from you. for that trouble!

Larry: what is it?

Godot told Larry the lobster and Monet everything that he had planned.

Larry: that's all? this is a very simple task! come on, let's go!

Godot and Monet victoriously went back to the kingdom.

The Wedding Dress Under the Sea Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories 2020

Monet: your majesty and your highness. I have got the princess's wedding dress from the bottom of the sea as demanded. I hope you are content.

King: Haa... Haa... great now. the princess will finally become my queen. the king and the Queen lived happily ever after! he... he... he!

Monet: but I will give it to you only if you apologize to the kingdom.

King: apologies? for what? I am the greatest King and you are telling me to apologize? I am NOT doing that! Heh.

Monet: well then, you leave me no choice.

Suddenly the lobsters charged into the courtroom, clasping their claws.

King: what are these filthy lobsters doing here?

Larry: we are not filthy! charged at him!

The lobsters charged at him and the king ran!

King: leave me alone! silly lobsters! guards seize them!

The guards ran towards them to stop them. but they were flung out of their way! the king was chased to the balcony. the lobsters had trapped him.

Larry: say it!

Godot: say it!

King: AAHH! fine, fine I have been a mean and dishonest king! I apologize!

Godot: and step down.

King: No! ok ok, I will step down!

Godot: perfect! now let's take him to the dungeons.

King Claude was taken to the dungeon and imprisoned.

Monet: is there any more trouble left to come?

Godot: Umm... I don't think so!

Princess Vasilisa thanks, Monet.

Vasilisa: oh, thank you so much, you brave, young man.

Monet: well don't thank me! it is my friend Godot the power horse and Larry the crab and his crew who actually helped you.

Princess Vasilisa smiled and nodded looking at Godot and Larry.

Monet: but, princess, can I ask you something?

Vasilisa: yes?

Monet: why did you accept to become his wife when you knew he had kidnapped you.

At that princess, Vasilisa laughed and so did Larry.

Vasilisa: HAHAHA!

Larry: HAHAHA!

Monet and Godot were confused.

Monet: what is happening?

Vasilisa: well, you see the reason I kept my wedding dress at the bottom of the sea was to make sure that I only get married to the person I like. the dress has been under the watch of my dear friend, Larry all this time.

Monet: larry is your friend,?

Vasilisa: yes, and I had told him that if ever someone else comes to take the dress instead of me then know that I am being forced into a marriage and you must come to rescue me.

Monet: Ohhh!

And thus, our story comes to the end. Monet was made the new king of Yerabon. he would often go visit princess Vasilisa as they had become good friends. and as for Godot and larry... well see it for yourself...

Godot: you know you could have just told me about the whole deal with the princess instead of waiting for the grand ending.

larry: I was only maintaining the privilege of my bond with the princess.

Godot: of course... and what about our bond? our friendship? you made me look like.

larry: ah! here we go again...

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The Wedding Dress Under the Sea Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories
The Wedding Dress Under the Sea Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories for Kids, fairy tales story for kids, story for kids video
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