The Intelligent Buffalo | Panchatantra Stories for Kids

The Intelligent Buffalo | Panchatantra Stories for Kids, panchatantra moral stories in english, Panchatantra for Your Children

The Intelligent Buffalo

The Intelligent Buffalo | Panchatantra Stories for Kids 2020

Panchatantra Stories for Kids Once upon a time, in a small village. there lived a farmer named Edgar. he lived in a small house and owned a small piece of land. Edgar had a Buffalo named, bounty. it was an uncommon name but it came with its own reasons. you see, Edgar was a very poor man before he found his Buffalo. Bounty worked really hard for his human. being the only Buffalo, he would plow the whole field day in and day out and help Edgar with all sorts of work.

Edgar began to grow all sorts of grains in his field. Edgar gained a lot of respect in his neighborhood. given the bountiful he received, he named his beloved Buffalo, bounty. Bounty was a special Buffalo. He was intelligent and always full of life. Edgar knew that bounty was a free-spirited animal. he would often wander around when there was no work and come back home in the evening. As time passed, Edgar bought another Buffalo. he loved bounty dearly but he also realized that the workload was too much and was needed to be shared. Edgar didn't want to tire his animal. One day, while Ploughing the field, bounty sat Midway and began to breathe heavily.

The Intelligent Buffalo | Panchatantra Stories for Kids 2020

Bounty: Moo...

Edgar:  Oh, bounty!

Edgar took both his buffaloes back home. that night Edgar could not sleep at all. He knew it was time to let bounty go. the next day, he took bounty to the forest and took the Bell off his collar. bounty happily shook his head.

Edgar: bounty, you are a good Buffalo! I will never be able to repay your debt. you don't have to work anymore. you are free now. I will always miss you, my friend. Go wander and explore the lands.

Bounty: Moo...

Edgar: Haha... don't make me cry now! you can come home anytime you want! you know the way!

Bounty was sad to leave his human. but he was also excited to see what lay ahead. he walked merrily, enjoying the fresh breeze. he roamed around in the forest with no fear. he drank water from streams and ate grass on the way. Soon, the Sun began to set. it was getting dark. bounty looked around for a safe place to rest. and there it was!

Bounty: That cave is right near the pond! Mooo La la! this place is huge! it's pretty warm too. perfect for me to stay. oh, boy, am I tired or what! this whole wandering is going to make me slim like a giraffe! hahaha...

Bounty began to live in the cave. he would drink fresh water from the pond, graze nearby and sleep peacefully inside. Days passed and bounty began to love his life in the forest. but being a domestic Buffalo, a bounty was a simple and innocent animal. he wasn't aware that the forest was home to many animals and not all of them were as innocent as he was! while bouncy happily carried on with his new life, there was someone who was keeping a watch on the Buffalo. Timmy, the Fox! each day, as bounty left his cave to wander around, Timmy would tiptoe behind him everywhere! a bounty was always so engrossed in his day-to-day activities. he never felt Timmy's presence around!

Timmy: Hmm... This Buffalo is pretty brave to roam around the forest all by himself! well.... either he is too brave or too stupid! I mean does he even know whose cave he's living in? Haha... let's have some fun!

Timmy: Well hello! are you new here?

Bounty: I came to grace here every day now. I wouldn't call myself new!

Timmy: Oh... haha. you are a witty little animal!

Bounty: Haha... a fox calling a buffalo little is witty indeed!

Timmy: How dare you make fun of me? I am the king of the forest! that's my cave you are living in! all the animals are at my mercy here! if you want to live you, will have to bow down to me.

The Intelligent Buffalo | Panchatantra Stories for Kids 2020

Bounty: You are right. I am new here, but that doesn't mean I am stupid to believe everything you say. listen, Fox, I know you are not the king of this forest. in fact, I am sure you don't even know how big this forest is! I suggest you stop wasting my time!

Timmy was seething inside. he shivered with anger. he swore that one day he will seek revenge for his insult. bounty, on the other hand, realized that he will have to be more cautious now.

Bounty: That cunning Fox knows where I live! which means he is keeping a watch on me? Hmm... also I don't think about this before but that cave must belong to somebody. what will I do once the rightful owner of that cave comes back? I will have to be more careful around here.

That night, the moon shone brightly in the sky. as bounty lay down inside the cave. he heard something. he peeped through a small hole and saw a strange shadow outside. first, he thought that the Fox is back to trouble him again. but as the figure came closer, Bounty he shivered with fear. it was the rightful owner. The tiger!

Bounty: oh, no! of course, this cave belongs to the tiger! what do I do now! He will eat me up!

As the tiger kept coming closer, the bounty could not stop shivering.

Bounty: wait, wait. think clearly. calm down. Ahuh! I can see him but he can't see me! that's my advantage! Hahaha... here he comes!

Tiger: Huh!

Bounty: Sssshhh! what is wrong with you? he will hear us!

Tiger: Oh, right! sorry!

Bounty: but look how delicious he looks! didn't I tell you the one who lives here is big enough for both of us to eat! alright! you were right! hahaha. Our dinner for today is sorted! Hahaha! absolutely.

It was the Tigers turn to shiver with fear!

Tiger: oh... who are these animals!

Bounty: Why did he stop? this is taking too long and I am too hungry. why don't we go out and attack him instead? he can't fight both of us!

Tiger: Aaaahh...

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The trick worked! without another thought. the tiger leaped across the forest. the bounty was relieved. he now knew the importance of keeping calm in any given situation. the next day as Timmy was loitering in the forest, he bumped into the tiger.

Timmy: Aaah...

Tiger: Aaah... Phew! you scared me! s

Timmy: Sc... Se... Scared? wait. I scared you? but you're a tiger!

Tiger: Yeah, yeah, I know. I am the big cat in the jungle! but you are a fool if you think there are no bigger and... and scarier animals than me here. I ran into two of those last night! they have captured my cave! I will have to look for a new den.

Timmy: wait. what? the one living in your cave is bigger and scarier than you are? are you kidding me? he is a buffalo! and what do you mean "two"? - there is only one Buffalo living in there!

Tiger: you think I am a fool to run away from a buffalo? there are two huge beans in there.

Timmy: Beings?

Tiger: yeah, I don't really know who or what they are. I didn't enter the cave. just heard their voices. they were going to attack me! I ran away before they could.

Timmy: Hahaha! you poor tiger! he played you! there is no being in there! it's a buffalo! I am keeping a watch on him ever since he set his foot in this forest!

Tiger: shut up, Fox! how dare you insult me? you think I am stupid to mistake a buffalo for a scary animal?

Timmy: I can prove it to you. you are not his prey. he is your prey. let's do one thing. I will come with you. we will enter that cave and I will help you capture whoever's inside. I want to settle a score with that arrogant Buffalo, anyway! but! in return for your cave, I want you to promise that you will never attack me!

Tiger: hmm... are you telling the truth? but wait. what if you run away, leaving me behind?

Timmy: Ummm... I know! let's tie a rope around ourselves. one end to your stomach and the other to mine. that way, you can pull me back if I try to run! deal?

The tiger agreed. they both tied a rope around themselves and began to walk towards the cave. Fox was happy. he had found a way to do both, teach bounty a lesson and earn the trust of the tiger! as they approached the cave, bounty saw them coming. as soon as he saw the Fox, he understood what was going on.

Bounty: Hmmm... he thinks he is smart?

Tiger: now let me handle, this okay? enter the cave only when I asked you to.

Bounty: you stupid fox! I asked you to bring me two tigers! and you bring me only one!?

Tiger: Huh!

Timmy: Oh what!

Bounty: we haven't eaten anything since last night and now you want us both to share one tiger between us!

Tiger: Huh! you work for them?

Timmy: No! No, no! this is not true!

Bounty: ah! you are good for nothing! fine! bring him here now!

Tiger: no! Aaah!

Tiger leaped for his life! he was so scared that he didn't care about Timmy who was tied to the other end of the rope!

The Intelligent Buffalo | Panchatantra Stories for Kids 2020

Timmy: ow...ow...ow...ow this hurts!!!

Bounty: Hahaha... this will teach that Fox. I have learned a very important lesson today! Had I not kept myself calm, I could not have been able to chase those two away! no matter how difficult the situation gets, we must always stay calm!

Bounty was right. only because he stayed calm in every difficult situation, was he able to help himself. and as for the Fox... ow...ow...ow...ow Noooooooooo! he must have learned his lesson too!




All Status 4 You: The Intelligent Buffalo | Panchatantra Stories for Kids
The Intelligent Buffalo | Panchatantra Stories for Kids
The Intelligent Buffalo | Panchatantra Stories for Kids, panchatantra moral stories in english, Panchatantra for Your Children
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