An Unkept Promise Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories

An Unkept Promise Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories for kids, Fairy Tales stories, story for kids in englis, new kids story in english

An Unkept Promise Story

An Unkept Promise Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories 2020

Bedtime Stories: Once upon a time, when Japan was still young, there lived in a little village, a man by the name of Hisashi. he was kind and young. but life had been unfair to him and thus he was very poor. he had to work very hard for his living during the days when the Sun shone well. but when winter came... he would find very little work and would sometimes starve terribly. one day when he was out, walking in the cold wind. he came upon a crane lying in the snow.

Hisashi: what is that? Oh, a crane. today seems to be lucky. I can make a soup out of it! YUM!

But when he looked closer, he saw how lovely the crane was and his heart was taken by its beauty.

Hisashi: I... I cannot cook this crane. it looks so beautiful. oh! what's that? its wing is hurt. Hmmm... what can I do?

And from out of his bag, he pulled out a balm to heal the crane with. it was made out of many special herbs in the land.

Hisashi: here you go a little crane. let's fix that wing of yours. oh! don't move. it may sting a little but we'll fix you in a minute.

And just as he said, the crane soon started to flap its wings. it didn't feel the pain anymore and now looked at its Savior. Hisashi smiled at it and the crane flapped both its wings and flew away.

Hisashi: well... I guess I go hungry today too. now let's go home.

That night, while Hisashi was fast asleep, the winds outside grew stronger and stronger. after some time, he was woken up by the sound of knocking.

Hisashi: hmm...? what?... must be the wind.

But the knocking only continued and started to get louder. Hisashi now felt worried.

Hisashi: this noise doesn't sound like the wind at all. what if it's a thief? I must go and check it. who's... who's there!? I asked for your name! fine... let's just open the door.

And when he opened, he was shocked to see a beautiful woman standing outside in the blistering cold. she had a huge bag with her, which she had put down beside her.

Hisashi: Oh, No! are you okay? come inside fast!

The woman made no sound and just fell into his arms, weakly.

Hisashi: oh dear! her body is this cold as ice! she must be so weak. I'll bring the bag in later.

So Hisashi carried the woman to his room and tucked her in his warm bed.

Hisashi: there! now you'll be warm! brr! hungry and cold. a beautiful stranger in my home. what a weird day... Ahaaah! and night...

He soon dropped off fast asleep in front of the ending flame. the next morning, he woke up to see the woman sitting at his side.

Woman: Hello! my name is Tsuru. I'm sorry for coming in so suddenly last night and disturbing you.

Hisashi: oh no! it's fine. how are you today? were you warm enough in your sleep?

An Unkept Promise Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories 2020

Tsuru: I'm very fine. and my sleep was very nice as well, thank you.

Hisashi: but tell me, where have you come from?

Tsuru: I... I don't really have a home. I was wandering around in the cold when I saw your house. I don't have anywhere to stay.

Hisashi: well, why don't you stay here until you find out where to go. also... I wish I could give you something to eat but as you can see...

Tsuru: oh! that won't be a problem. the bag I had brought with me was full of rice. where is it? I've kept it in the corner over there.

Bedtime Stories 

Tsuru took the rice and soon made a pot of hot steamed rice for them both. Hisashi hadn't eaten for days properly and thus walloped that whole bowl down.

Hisashi: that was amazing... burp!

Tsuru: Hahaha! No is it fine if I stay?

Hisashi: Hahaha of course!

So over the days, the two lived quite happily together. and as they got to know each other more. Hisashi soon fell in love with Tsuru.

Hisashi: but what can I do? she will never marry someone like me. but... nothing wrong and asking. Tsuru? I have something I want to ask you, will you? by any chance... marry a man like me?

Tsuru: Aah! yes!

Hisashi: I mean I know I'm poor and all but... wait for what?? did you just say yes?

Tsuru: I did. I've seen how kind and gentle you are. and I would love to marry you.

And from then on, Tsuru and Hisashi lived together as husband and wife. winter soon got over and with it, so did Tsuru rice sack. Hisashi started to work again but he still got very little pay. he was very sad.

Tsuru: my dear, you don't have to worry. I will give you a beautiful cloth to sell in the market.

Hisashi: but where will I get this cloth from?

Tsuru: I will make it. but it will take me five days to do so. I will lock myself in the room and weave the cloth for you. but you must promise me never to enter. I will come out once I am done.

Hisashi was very confused but agreed easily. so that day, Tsuru went into the room and shut herself in for five days. Hisashi didn't know what to do but waited patiently for his wife. on the last day, Tsuru came out of the room and held in her hands, the most beautiful piece of cloth. it had flowers and birds embroidered on it and looked fit for a queen.

Hisashi: it looks simply beautiful! how did you do it, my love?

Tsuru: Shh! it's a secret! now go and sell the cloth.

So Hisashi went out and sold the cloth. when he came home, he was in such a good mood. he met his wife and told her about how he'd sold the cloth for a very good sum.

Tsuru: that's very nice dear. with this money, I shall cook you something very tasty.

This happened for some time. Tsuru would lock herself in the room for five days and Hisashi would wait patiently for her. but each time she came out of the room, she looked more tired than the last time.

One day a friend of Hisashi from the town came to visit him. they greeted each other and asked about each other's life.

Hisashi: my wife is the most beautiful and kind woman ever my friend. I wish you could meet her, but she has locked herself in the room.

An Unkept Promise Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories 2020

Friend: what? why? are you two having a fight?

Hisashi explained about Tsuru doings and the friend looked amused.

Friend: it's strange isn't it? you are her husband. and yet you don't even know why she does that. even stranger that you don't want to find out. well, I must be off now. give my regards to your secretive wife. bye!

Hisashi was very much worried when he heard the last few words of his friend. it was true that he never really asked his wife what she did in that room.

Hisashi: also, where does she get that beautiful cloth from? I should definitely find out.

So this time he decided to peep into the room. Tsuru had trusted her husband and therefore never locked the door anymore. so when Hisashi opened the door, he was shocked to see, not his beautiful wife, but the crane he had saved some months back. the poor creature was plucking out its beautiful snow-white feathers to make the lovely cloth.

Hisashi: you! Tsuru! you're a crane?

Tsuru:  Hisashi? why.... did you break my promise? and with that Tsuru flapped her wings and flew out of the window.

Hisashi: Tsuru no! wait I'm sorry!! Tsuru!

Tsuru: I'm sorry for lying to you my love. but I wanted to thank you for saving my life that night. and I really did love you but I needed you to trust me.

Hisashi: please stay with me. I will never break any of your promises again!

But Tsuru flew high up in the air and never returned again. Hisashi was heartbroken. he had loved Tsuru very much and from that on never married anyone else. he would roam around looking at the skies, waiting for her to return. but she never did. he had broken her trust and Trust doesn't come with a refill. once it's gone, you probably won't get it back, and if you do, it will never be the same.

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An Unkept Promise Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories
An Unkept Promise Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories for kids, Fairy Tales stories, story for kids in englis, new kids story in english
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